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Welcome to My "2 Sense Worth" Page:

Every web site, and every page on that site, is the work of person at the keyboard.
Every webmaster has his/her individual ideas and ways of publishing web sites.
That being said, here are some of my thoughts and ideas.

1. I do production using KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid)
2. What is this web site suppose to do?
    Web pages (sites) are made to make information available on the Internet.
3. I use the Microsoft Front Page program.
    It's the one I learned to use, and I am still learning as I produce more pages.
       Maybe some day I'll try to learn more html .... maybe.
4. I build pages on my home computer with display resolution set
      at 1280 X 1024 pixels and 32 bit High color. I will be trying to test
     "look and feel" at lower resolutions, looking for problems.
5. I use Microsoft Internet Explorer for my browser. I try not to use functions
      that can not be read on other browsers. Fonts too small or big?
       Go to View, text size, and change it.
6. Remember that work improvement is not by increase of pay
       (volunteer pay is zero $.$$)  but improvement comes from your help as
          from proof readers, that are willing to e-mail me.
7. I am NOT a touch typist, I do fairly well with hunt and peck. Thank
       goodness I can use a mouse. Cut and paste saves me a lot of time.
8. As web site editor, I welcome suggestions for additions, corrections,
      and changes.
      This web site will ALWAYS be a work in progress, not a static display.
9. There are lots of "fancy" web sites, this in not one of them.
          Remember Number 2 above.  I am not going to try and impress
           anyone with my production of this web site.
10. I do web work as best as my ability will allow,
           if and when it becomes WORK, I'm outta here.

I enjoy e-mails with constructive messages, I tolerate and delete others.
When sending me messages, PLEASE tell what web site and page you
are talking about.
I have over a 240 pages on line and I am not a mind reader. Thank you.

Don "donmac" Smith

My e-mail address for web page work is:



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Life Member of: USSVI National, Seattle, Bremerton, LIB, and South Sound Bases
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