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Submarine History Web Sites

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Base Outings   Base Outings, Gatherings and Member Travels
ALL HANDS Magazine online
Naval and Military Wav Files from the "Goat Locker"
The CSS Hunley Project Page  & Updates
United States Naval Historical Center    More than subs but good

American Submariner Magazine Online
DANFS Online Darn near every submarine
NARA National Archives and Records Administration
In Search of the USS Dorado SS 248 Ill fated boat of WW II
Navy Historical Photo Center Image Library
Through The Looking Glass  Photos of Submarines from 1900 to 1940

Submarine Design and Evolution
The "S" Boat Page "S" boats and more "S" boats
Lost Submarines Jim Christley's comprehensive list all US lost boats
Ships Sunk & Damaged in WWII by US Subs
Submarine World Network
From Tankers to Tenders to Submarines
SubNet's Fleet Pages
Ron Martini's Fleet Pages    Pages by the folks who sailed the boats
Submarine Find your shipmates
Japanese subs inspected after WW II
Pat Householder shares photos of the New London Sub base 1978
Submarines & Boomers, the Smithsonian exhibit *

Nato Designations for Russian Subs